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The Trash Collectors Live on a Hill on the Mokattam
At the end of 1969 his Excellency the governor of Cairo issued a decree to the end of removing all the trash collectors of Cairo to one of the hills of the Mokattam to live there. So they built themselves primitive houses, simply huts of tin that are called in their vernacular "Zaraayib" (namely pigsties). They were thus named after the place where donkeys and pigs live, and all the other livestock they reared up; such as goats and cattle.

The number of the trash collectors that live in that area reached about 15,000 according to the research of the International Bank which was carried out in July, 1987. But, by the grace of God, this number has doubled now.

Every person had a primitive trash cart that looked like a wooden box carried on two wheels and pulled by two donkeys, or more, because of the difficult hill up to the mountain which was not paved in the past. read more
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  Today is the 40th Day Memorial of Am Kadees
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  The Holy Week
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  How Can We Pray For You
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Verse of the Day
There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit
Romans 8 : 1

Statements of the Fathers
Prove your love and zeal for wisdom in actual deeds. 
St. Callistus Xanthopoulos

     January 2018     
Abouna Samaan Ibrahim - أبونا سمعان أبراهيم
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